Echollective Farm grows a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on 51 acres in Eastern Iowa. The farm started in 2000 as a small garden aiming to grow food for The Red Avocado, a former Iowa City restaurant. Since 2000, Echollective has expanded and now grows food for a number of area outlets including: local restaurants, New Pioneer Coop, Iowa City Farmers Market, CSA (veggie subscription), and a local food hub selling to institutions including the Iowa City Schools.

We also grow flowers for local florists and seed garlic for farms all over the northern United States. As farmers, we see our work as service to the land and our community. Yes, we grow food, but first and foremost, we care for the creek, woods, cultivated soil, and people connected to our farm. Caring for people and the planet means that we use organic and sustainable growing practices and focus our energy on growing for communities located a half hour of less from our farm.

When people like you support farms like us, you are helping us do right by the bees, worms, waterways, soil, and our community. Thank you for being a part of the collective effort that makes Echollective possible!

Our Mission: Together with our Iowa Community, Echollective Farm grows food to nourish people and the planet.

Our Vision: We envision a future in which all Iowans — regardless of race, class, or geography, have access to fresh, organically grown, local food that is grown with consideration for clean water, breathable air, and healthy soil.

  • We believe in the power of the collective. Our work to steward the land and support our community is supported by so many. Collaborating with other farmers, organizations, and community members allows us to thrive.
  • We believe healthy food has healthy roots. So the food we grow is truly  nourishing, we aim to for it to be good for everything and everyone, starting from the soil up. This means that we never spray synthetic pesticides or herbicides on our food, around our home, in our woodlands, or anywhere…ever.
  • We believe that food is a human right. Our farm operates with the understanding that every person in our community deserves access to culturally-relevant foods that meet their individual dietary needs.
  • We believe it takes a more just farm to grow a more just food system. As we farm, we must cultivate diversity and center equity in both our overarching mission and the road we take to achieving it.
  • We believe diversity is important and necessary. We celebrate difference and variety, and seek to build a sustainable farm system that is welcoming to all animals (from worms to people).
  • We believe farmers and farm workers deserve a livable wage as compensation for their labor.

Meet Your Farmers

Derek Roller has been a restauranteur, educator, volunteer, urban grower, and currently a rural steward. He views his shepherding of the farm ecosystem as his direct action against what he views as one of society’s (and earth’s ecosystems) larger problems — human food production. Born with a green thumb and raised in his parents’ and grandparents’ gardens, he sees himself as a doer and feels strongly that the doing should be passionate and matter.

Molly Schintler has been growing food, flowers, and community since 2013. She grew up in Iowa City and feels grateful to have found Echollective Farm where she leads CSA & market management as well as the farm’s cut flowers. For Molly, Echollective Farm is a place where she can care for her community and the planet through growing lots of delicious and beautiful things. Beyond Echollective, Molly enjoys supporting farm to school and food equity programs. She hopes to encourage more people to center racial and social equity in their ideas about the food system. In the words of Dolores Huerta, “Si Se Puede”!

Liliona Roller’s dad is Derek. He runs the farm. In spring, I like to cut seed potatoes and plant seeds. In summer, I like to help pick sungold tomatoes and eat a lot as I go. I also like to collect the chicken eggs, and I love picking flowers. Outside of farming, I bake and cook. I really like to make food at the farm.