About our CSA

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is a supportive partnership that directly connects consumers to the farmer growing their food. In short, CSA members buy a share of the farm at the beginning of the year in exchange for a variety of seasonal, fresh, and sustainably grown produce throughout the season. Some might call it a weekly veggie subscription!

In addition to weekly produce, our members receive Echollective’s weekly farm newsletter with seasonal recipe ideas, processing and storage tips, and farm updates. We think CSA is great for anyone who eats (but we are biased). In all seriousness, a CSA share is a best fit for people who enjoy cooking and eating healthy, local foods. It is a great way to align your values of caring for the planet and people in your community with how you eat while getting to know more about the land and farmers who grow your food.

Since the heart of Echollective Farm’s mission is to grow food that is nourishing to people and the planet, we truly see our Farm Share CSA members as our biggest supporters. CSA members support us — your farmers — so that we can support the worms, birds, bees, native plants, clean water, healthy air, and all people in our community.

Join our collective farm effort today! Sign up to be an Echollective Farm member here.